Our company " Artex " was the first reseller of cashU cards in Egypt
since January 2003.

For more information about the cashU refill coupon denominations
and pricing, please visit
cashU Prices page.
What We Do

At first we were offering cashU cards inside Alexandria only where
our company located, but now cashU cards delivery is available to
any city inside Egypt.

For more information about cashU delivery service, please visit
Payment Options page.

What is cashU ?

cashU is a prepaid internet payment card. It has a cashU account
number and password. The card holder can use it to purchase
products and services on the internet safely and without worries.

cashU became the largest internet payment solution in the Middle
East which allows you to pay and transfer money online without risk
of theft , fraud or your personal information being revealed.

For more information about cashU services and how you can use it
for online shopping, please visit the main
cashU website.
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